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Custom Bellow Assemblies

What are Bellow Assemblies?

Depending on your specific application needs, custom bellow assemblies are designed to bend, extend or compress to absorb the angular and axial movement of the application.

Contact us for more information regarding our bellow assemblies products, or request a quote for an in-depth price analysis today.

Custom Bellow Assemblies for your Specific Project Needs

Compuvac Industries manufactures our bellow assemblies according to customer specifications. Our engineers also design our parts to meet the customers’ specific requirements. Our engineers and machinists have years of combined custom bellow assembly design experience, which provides our customers with a valued sense of confidence and security. Compuvac’s machining proficiencies allow us to create vacuum fittings with custom length, diameter, and wall thickness. Our bellow assembly products are immediately ready for installation the moment you take them out of the package. Compuvac Industries experienced approach to bellow assemblies will save you time and money.

How Bellow Assemblies are Used

Compuvac Industries, Inc. manufactures a complete line of bellow assemblies to match our metal bellows and custom flexible braided hose products. We manufacture clamp-style and bolt-style bellow assemblies, expansion joints, valve assemblies and flanges. Compuvac Industries guarantees that every bellow assembly that we manufacture is ultrasonically cleaned and helium leak tested after welding to make sure the construction is free of defects and to ensure weld integrity. Please check out our bellows data sheet for all the necessary spec information on our bellows products.

Our custom bolt-style bellows and clamp-style bellows are commonly used for a wide range of projects. Some of the applications that regularly utilize bellow assemblies, include:

  • Vacuum seals
  • Flexible seals
  • Pressure sensing
  • Valve stems
  • And more

Bellow Assemblies Manufacturing Material

Our bellow assemblies are manufactured from high quality DFAR compliant materials that are domestically sourced when available. Our products are constructed from a variety of materials, including stainless steel and other alloys. Contact us for a complete list of all the materials that we offer.

Contact Compuvac Industries for Bellow Assemblies Today

Contact Compuvac Industries for the highest quality bellow assemblies in the industry, or request a quote today.