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Helium Leak Detection

A helium leak detector is used to locate and measure the size of leaks which could be present in the material or weld interface. Using helium mass spectrometers, we perform vacuum leak detection tests on all our welded parts and components.

Helium Leak Detection Services

When it comes to testing the vacuum integrity of welds nothing is more reliable or effective than Helium leak testing. It is a vital quality control testing method that verifies each one of our welded products offers unsurpassed quality and weld craftsmanship. 

We perform vacuum leak detection tests on all our welded parts and components through the use of helium mass spectrometers. These highly calibrated machines are effective for He leak testing large systems to the smallest individual parts. Helium leak detection has the capabilities of finding even the smallest of leaks in all types of materials.

At CompuVac Industries we stand behind all our custom vacuum parts, services and accessories. We guarantee that every part that you receive will be leak-free and ready to use right out of our ultra clean packaging for your application.

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