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Flexible Braided Hose

Compuvac Industries manufactures the finest flexible braided hose in the industry. Along with our custom bellow assemblies and metal bellows Compuvac Industries is the leader in bellows product production. We design our braided hose for high pressure applications. Our braided design provides the inner convoluted hose with the needed protection to withstand high pressures, vacuum, or hazardous situations. Compuvac has provided stainless steel braided hose for many aerospace OEMs, along with numerous other industrial and professional applications. Make sure and check out our bellows data sheet for all the necessary specification information on our bellows products.

At Compuvac industries we uniquely manufacture our flexible braided hose in accordance with our customers’ exact specifications. These unique specifications generally entail length, diameter, end configuration, and other customized design factors.

Flexible Braided Hose Sizes

Our flexible steel tubing is available in sizes from ¼” up to 18” in diameter. The end fittings that we offer include male-to-female swivels, VCOs, VCRs, pipe threads, weldable tube ends and vacuum flanges.

Contact Compuvac Industries for the best flexible braided hose in the industry, or request a quote today.